Indigenous Peoples: Fundamental Information on Canada’s Past, Present and Future

I’m a high school teacher in Ontario and really appreciated the structure and flow of this presentation. By starting with a hook to acknowledge what participants don’t know and them revisiting those concepts with a checklist made it super easy to follow along and very structured with what is heavy material. It helped me feel like I was really learning something and that after each topic, we were consolidating the knowledge with a brief recap. Great pedagogy there. I think the terminology section at the beginning was great for fundamentals, so that while continuing through the presentation, we had more certainty and knowledge about what terms were being used and what’s appropriate for us to use moving forward in our professional and personal lives. I also appreciated acknowledging right at the beginning that feeling like you don’t know where to start with educating yourself or implementing Reconciliation and Indigenous Policy is okay. As someone who certainly has much more learning to do, this made the presentation feel like a safe space to learn, ask questions, etc. The personal stories were impactful and made the subject matter even more relevant. Overall, I found this to be a fabulous fundamentals presentation and would actually be incredibly interested in incorporating this into my classes – any subject area. It was informative and engaging.