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Custom Indigenous Policy Creation and Corporate Awareness Services -Indigenous Owned-

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Custom Indigenous Policy Creation and Corporate Awareness Services -Indigenous Owned-

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We will spend time within your organization and provide effective and meaningful solutions for reconciliation that will become part of your corporate culture through organizational chart integration.

All our information and techniques are composed and presented by a team of professionals; from Indigenous Subject Matter Experts to Technical Writers and Support Staff.


Implementing Supplier Diversity into your processes can open more doors for business opportunities . Our team will assist you in identifying products and services offered by Indigenous owned businesses.


Our Cultural Update Materials ensure your company has access to the most reliable, up-to-date information on a regular basis, curated from trusted and accredited sources.

Organization Culture Initiatives

You’re a business owner hearing increasingly frequent mentions of “unceded territory”, “truth and reconciliation”, “indigenization and decolonization of your content”, and “supplier diversity.

You see other companies adopting Indigenous Policies. Your main clients and customers are starting to expect you to incorporate these very things into your operations and it all seems very complex, daunting, and socially sensitive. You may have no idea where to even turn to and that’s okay.

Until recently our government has not been forthright with Canada’s true Indigenous history. Recently there has been a lot of information released in a very short amount of time, and we’re here to help you understand this in a factual, professional, and safe way. Our goal is to empower your company with information that will enable you to meet modern expectations of Indigenous awareness.

Most importantly, we will help your company to unlearn the engrained stigma entrenched into our culture that surrounds Indigenous Peoples.

We Offer

Every business is unique, as are the local Indigenous communities within the geographic areas they operate.

Customized Indigenous Policies (IP) for local businesses

A structured framework for your company to implement your IP within

Canadian Indigenous History Overviews (especially for members of your workforce graduating High School before 2010)

Common questions receive truthful and socially acceptable answers in a safe learning environment through corporate empowerment sessions with FAQ such as:

  •  Why don’t we say Indian? How can I confidently know when to appropriately use the terms Aboriginal, First Nation, Native, Inuit, Metis, or Indigenous, especially in social or corporate settings?
  • What is UNDRIP?
  • What does “unceded” actually mean?
  • What is Truth and Reconciliation?
  • Where can I become involved in local Indigenous causes and events?

Our Subject Matter Experts Present and supply

  • Up-to-date information on current legislation relevant to your business and the Indigenous communities within your geographic area(s),
  • Monthly current awareness materials to distribute to your staff so they can remain aware of current events pertaining to Canada’s Indigenous population,
  • Indigenous Consultation Consulting Services and Workshops,
  • Local Indigenous experiences for staff within specific traditional, unceded, or reservation territories,
  • Indigenous Public Speaking engagements for corporate educational purposes.

All services provided by a 100% Indigenous owned company, stemming from real-life experience and events.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business modernize , incorporate, and foster Indigenous Policies and corporate educational materials.

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