Additional Services

Our goal is to empower your staff with the necessary baseline knowledge and necessary skills to equip them with the ability to participate in popular culture conversations; within workplace or in your community

Silence breeds stigma – let’s break that cycle together.

If someone feels alienated from a conversation simply because they lack assured knowledge on simple current nomenclature (which happens more often than not), it excludes them from meaningful dialogue and therefore renders them to silence.

Silence breeds stigma, and it is our mission to enable as many people as possible to feel confident enough to take part in the important conversations that are happening in this decade.

If people are empowered with knowledge then they become empowered with a voice. These voices are needed just as much now as they’ve ever been.

Let’s empower your staff together.

Pronouns explained, why they matter, and how they can help to modernize your services.

Let’s take the time and explain each part of this acronym and how it all interconnects within various communities in our culture.

In this session we’ll also discuss what it means to be an ally, important historical and political milestones, and provide a safe environment within which to ask questions and have them answered by knowledgeable sources.

A safe space to answer questions and supply your organization with the most pressing issues of our time: systemic racism and the efforts you can make to help raise awareness to assist in the alleviation of this overlooked subject.

Working with your organization to ensure that sustainability is embedded into all aspects of your business. OCI will work with your

organization to:

  • Help you identify your sustainability goals
  • Choose a sustainability reporting framework
  • Develop a integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy

All the foundational seminars your company needs, from one organization. We can make these changes together.

We offer a wide range of organizational discussions to empower your staff with the best material available.

OCI has access to a multitude of subject matter experts to speak on the basics to inform your staff on Indigenous Peoples Policies, seminars on Canadian Indigenous History, Gender, LGBTQ+, and equal rights in the workplace.

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